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Welcome to BioBlitz Online!

The Connecticut BioBlitz is essentially a "race against the clock" to find out how many species can be identified in a 24-hour period in a 2.5-mile radius around the CREC Two Rivers Magnet Middle School. Scientists from University of Connecticut and the New England area will be teaming up with students from Two Rivers to gather specimens and analyze data. Photographs of the species we uncover will be posted throught the BioBlitz on the "Species Gallery" page, managed by Dr. Paul O. Lewis from UConn, and general event photo albums will be put on the "Event" page.

The BioBlitz is over, but if you would like a larger copy of one of the images, please email us at bioblitz@q-kid.net with your request. Thanks for visiting the BioBlitz website!

Interested in volunteering? Contact Nancy Thomas, our Volunteer Coordinator, at bioblitz2005@aol.com for details!


Late-Breaking photo by Dr. Gregory Watkins-Colwell. This was seen at the Hockanum River by the Herpetology Twig.

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  About the Event
This page includes a lot of information about the purpose of the 2005 CT BioBlitz.
  This Year's BioBlitz Host
View pictures and information about this year's BioBlitz host, CREC Two Rivers Magnet Middle School in East Hartford.
  The Participants
Meet the key scientists who are attending this year's BioBlitz event and learn more about them.
  Photo Gallery 2005
During the event, check back for pictures of what's going on with the students and scientists.
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We have put together a list of some important links that pertain to the topic of this year's BioBlitz.
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If you want more information about this year's BioBlitz, contact the people on this web page.

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